Suggestions About Air Conditioning Worship Spaces

From the Interfaith Coalition on Energy. May, 2000
It’s Cooling Time, Just Like it was Last Summer…

We don’t want you to install air conditioning because we are in business to help you lower your energy use, not increase it. 
Anyhow, here are some guidelines we send to congregations who are considering air conditioning:

  • Air conditioning is expensive to install and can be unsightly.  A central air conditioning system may require that you install a larger electric service to the building, so include those costs with the installation costs.

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Swing Low, Sweet Thermostat

by Andrew Rudin, Project Coordinator, The Interfaith Coalition on Energy, Philadelphia
Lower Winter Interior Temperatures Imitate Conditions in Other Seasons

Since it began ten years ago, the Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE) has been recommending that congregations set back the temperature as low as 45F inside their buildings when they are not in use in the heating season.

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