Electric Witness

September 1998 Green Cross magazine

Electric meters are as prominent in churches as pulpits -- usually one per facility.  Understanding sermons, however, may be easier than understanding electric meters.  Pulpits are located in sacred space -- well-cared-for rooms with colors and cleanliness.  Meters are usually located in profane space amid dirt, dust and dim light.

Electric meters are the cash registers for electric utilities.  Each month, the utility usually reads your electric meter, which belongs to them, and then sends you a bill.  Personally, I can't wait for them to read my meter only once a month; I read it each morning keeping score of the amount of electricity, measured in kilowatthours, we used the day before.

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Stoplight Removal in Philadelphia

Andrew Rudin - March 1994
Comfort and Light Newsletter #53

Philadelphia drivers have two driving habits that work at cross-purposes -- jump starting red lights as they turn green and running the yellow ones before they turn red.  The City Department of Streets had an idea to increase safety and save energy costs at the same time -- replace the traffic lights with all-way stop signs at moderate traffic intersections.

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Energy Costs Are Not a Burden to Bear

By Andrew Rudin
Taken from : Common Bond Vol. 24, No. 1 Special Online Edition
Green Theology, Energy Efficiency and Historic Sacred Sites

"This article will explain how to lower energy costs for your congregation."

Contributors: Andrew Rudin

Since 1976, Andrew Rudin has studied changes in energy use in more than 3,000 buildings belonging to congregations in Philadelphia, New York, Phoenix, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Houston and other cities. He has also worked extensively with other non-profit community service agencies, such as YMCAs and day care centers, to reduce their energy costs.

For the past twenty-seven years, Rudin has been the project coordinator for the Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE) in Philadelphia whose mission is to inspire congregations to reduce the costs of operating their facilities. He has presented more than 300 energy management workshops and has written over 140 articles about energy for national periodicals. He has also published one hundred and three newsletters, called Comfort and Light, for the Interfaith Coalition on Energy.

This article is a summary of Rudin’s methodology as he and ICE staff conduct energy audits for religious building throughout the U.S.

This article will explain how to lower energy costs for your congregation.

To do that, I want to start with three distinctions:

First, houses of worship are not houses ....

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