Biblical Citations On Our Environment

The Interfaith Coalition on Energy, March 2005

Frederick W. Krueger’s List of Biblical References to our Environment:

*  before citation indicates commentary included in full printed text in Fred’s larger document. 
(For an annotated version of this list postpaid, send $22 made out to: RCFC, 409 Mendocino Avenue, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95401)

Old Testament:


*Genesis 1:1 The "creation"
*Genesis 1:3 Let there be light
 Genesis 1:4-5 The first day
 Genesis 1:6 Creation of the "firmament"
*Genesis 1:7-13 The separation of land and water


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Energy, Religion and Lifestyle

By Andrew Rudin, September 1991

Several articles in recent magazines have described the “greening of the church”—the increasing interest among congregations in protecting the environment.  Many congregations have recyling programs and some refuse to drink from styrofoam cups, for example.  If your congregation is struggling to improve its relationship with the environment, consider for a few moments the relationship between the religious beliefs and lifestyle of the Amish.

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Ceiling Fans - Blowing Your Money?

by Andrew Rudin, Project Coordinator, The Interfaith Coalition on Energy, Philadelphia
The Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE) has always doubted the energy effectiveness of ceiling fans during the heating season. The theory says that warm air rises toward the sanctuary ceiling and that ceiling fans can force down the warm air to mix with cooler air at the pew level. Therefore, the thermostat is satisfied sooner, and less heat is lost through the cooler ceiling area or holes to the attic.

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